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A Personal Maid Service.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning in Kansas City

About us

Welcome to EasyMaids Personal Maid Service, the ultimate personal maid service for all your housekeeping and office cleaning needs, serving the Kansas City metropolitan area. 


At EasyMaids, we believe a clean space is essential for overall physical and mental well-being. Our professional and personally vetted team of maids is dedicated to decluttering and revitalizing your home or office, creating a clean and stress-free environment.

EasyMaids is NOT a run of the mill cleaning service. Our maids are personal maids. You'll see the same maid every visit. We create relationships, not just clean spaces, and there is no substitute for the power of a relationship.


Whether it's residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, or hoarding cleans, we specialize in transforming your space into a sparkling oasis that brings joy and alleviates depression and anxiety.


Our hourly based service provides you with an unparalleled cleaning experience while only having to pay for the help you receive. Experience the pure bliss of coming home to a clean and organized sanctuary. Book your free phone consultation with Easy Maids Personal Maid  Service now and let us provide you with a higher standard of cleaning that exceeds your expectations every single time.

Easy made with EasyMaids. A Personal Maid Service.

Cleaning service in Kansas City
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Our Services


Residential Cleaning Service

Maid Services

Residential Cleaning

Your trust is important to us. We are incredibly careful with who we hire. We examine both the backgrounds and personalities of our personal maids, then train them to clean to a standard you won't find in any other maid service. You'll have the same professional maid returning each visit, and we'll tailor your experience to meet your needs. It's an entirely new concept in house cleaning.

We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your needs, on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly recurring schedule.

Easy made with EasyMaids. A Personal Maid Service.

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Maid Services

Deep Cleaning

Our professional declutter service team understands the challenges of managing clutter and provides personalized solutions for every individual client. We understand it's much deeper than just cleaning. Every sweep and every shine has your happiness in mind.


We offer a comprehensive range of decluttering services, from simple organizing or spring cleaning to complex hoarding relief to help alleviate depression, anxiety and stress. With our decluttering services, you can transform your space into a clutter-free oasis, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality. We can give you room to truly live. Our deep cleaning service utilizes proven techniques and strategies to maximize space, optimize storage, and create a sense of calm and order.

Easy made with EasyMaids. A Personal Maid Service.

Deep cleaning and hoarding help
Commercial cleaning service

Maid Services

Commercial Cleaning

It's hard to find a service that takes as much care in cleaning your office building as your home. We use the same personal touch for our commercial office cleaning clients as we do for our residential cleaning clients. We carefully select, background check and train our personal maids to give you an experience you can't find with any other service. Our commercial cleaning service is more detailed that you'll find elsewhere and gives you a sense of clean you can normally only find at home.

Services offered daily, weekly and bi-weekly. Use the button below to request a quote.

Easy made with EasyMaids. A Personal Maid Service.

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